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Court Assessments takes customer feedback very seriously. After we give assessments, we offer an optional survey that customers can fill out giving us some brief information about how felt about the evaluation. We use customer input to help improve our assessments and refine the customer experience. No comment goes unread and we never disclose a customer's identity without their written permission. Below are just a few of the comments we've received.

“I needed to get my assessment done for a 3 year old DUI I had. The counselor at Court Assessments was very friendly and completed my assessment quickly. I was able to turn it in and get my license restored! Great service and provider!”
Marcus D. – Angeles, CA
“My Anger management assessment was a requirement of the court and I had a hard time finding anyone that could do this for me. Dr. Novick was totally professional and was a huge help. The assessment was done in 2 days and I felt the recommendations were accurate and fair.”
Charlie B. – Dallas, TX
“Great company, with a great staff!. My alcohol assessment completed and back to me in one day! Caring staff and the process was simple. Thank you so much!”
Jennifer K. – Miami, FL
“When the court ordered me to complete a domestic violence assessment I felt embarrassed. Dr. Novick made completing this requirement easy and there was no judgment. The write up was well written and met all of my needs.”
Barton H. – Boise, ID
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