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Completing your Domestic Violence or Batterer Intervention assessment couldn't be easier. Once you register for the assessment below, you will be sent an automated email with instructions on how to download the assessment questionnaire. Simply read the instructions, fill it out (takes about 20-30 minutes) and then either fax, mail or email us your completed questionnaire. Dr. Novick will review and score it, and produce a write up with results and recommendations.

DV Assessments are often required by court but can also be taken proactively to better understand ones current skill set and need for help or intervention. This is not a psychological assessment, but rather a skill based assessment. There are no "right or wrong" answers.

If you choose the "Standard DV Assessment", expect your results to take about 2-3 days once we receive your completed form. If you ordered the "Expedited Assessment" then expect results in about 1 business day. No need to miss time away from work or other obligations. Complete your assessment form any location in the U.S.!

Program Price
Standard Domestic Violence Evaluation $250.00 Register For Standard Domestic Violence Evaluation
Expedited Domestic Violence Evaluation $350.00 Register For Expedited Domestic Violence Evaluation

Guarantee and Refund Policy

Domestic Violence Assessment are taken for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are needed for a court or legal requirement and other times they are taken for personal data or information. We will provide a full refund within 60 days of purchase if you purchased the assessment but did not complete it (therefore no write up from our office was provided). Once we complete your assessment and provide the written write up results, we will not provide a refund. Please get prior approval to complete your assessment in a distance learning format before enrolling to ensure a Phone or online video assessment will work for your specific requirements.

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